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7 Things to Consider While Joining Puppy Yoga Classes in London

Puppy yoga is an adorable blend of relaxation and furry cuddles. However, before you dive into this paws-itively delightful experience, let’s explore seven crucial factors you should keep in mind to ensure a rewarding and ethical puppy yoga journey.

Ethical Practices

Puppy yoga should be all about harmony and ethical treatment of our furry friends. Ensure that the class follows ethical guidelines, respects animal welfare, and prioritises the comfort and happiness of the pups involved. We only host 3-4 classes in one day. We feel this is the perfect amount of time for the puppies.

puppy yoga

Sourcing and Breed Welfare

It is essential to inquire about where the puppies come from. Responsible classes collaborate with responsible breeders.

Instructor Expertise

Your puppy yoga experience greatly depends on the instructor’s expertise in both yoga and handling animals. Check their experience working with dogs, and their approach towards animal care during sessions. A qualified instructor ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for both you and the pups.

Safety Measures

As anywhere, safety should be a priority with puppy yoga classes. Ensure the class space is safe and conducive for dogs, with no potential hazards. Classes should have protocols for dog behaviour, hygiene, and emergency situations to guarantee a secure environment for all participants.

Socialisation and Temperament Assessment

Puppies, like humans, have different temperaments. Socialisation opportunities are crucial for puppies, so ensure the class facilitates positive social experiences for the dogs. A puppy yoga class would be an excellent place for puppies between 8 and 16 weeks old to socialise.

Focus on Yoga Practice

While the allure of cuddling adorable puppies is undeniable, remember that puppy yoga is still about yoga! Ensure the class strikes a balance between yoga practice and dog interaction, allowing you to enjoy both aspects without compromising the yoga session’s quality. Both Yoga and Puppy interaction together have powerful benefits.

Impact and Community Engagement

Consider classes that extend their impact beyond the sessions. Classes involved in community outreach or supporting animal welfare causes showcase a commitment to a larger purpose, contributing positively to society.

Before signing up for a puppy yoga class in London, take your time to research and consider these crucial aspects. A thoughtful approach ensures not only a delightful experience for yourself but also contributes to ethical and responsible pet practices within the community. Embrace the joy of yoga intertwined with the warmth of adorable puppies in a conscientious and fulfilling way.

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